25-05-2021 - CSGO Team Released

Where do we start... Well we returned to the UK CSGO scene and ended up having a good first season back in the ESL UK Premiership, which we thank you once again for welcoming us with open arms.

This story begins with the acquisition of the former Invulnerables lineup. After closing the deal with Invulnerables and having our new lineup sign contracts, we hit the ground running and felt that the team really progressed as a roster with some great results, albeit after a couple of necessary roster changes.

Upon reaching the offline ESL UK Premiership Playoffs we were contacted by a member of our management team who informed us that a well known UK organisation had contacted our lineup and stated their interest in our roster.

This of course rang alarm bells as our lineup was under contract so we quickly contacted our players and asked for an update on what had been discussed etc. We were then informed that it was however one of our players who had contacted said organisation.

As a business that had always provided what was promised to our roster, we felt let down but didn’t want to hold the guys back so we gave them our blessings to discuss a transfer to this organisation.

After finishing 3rd in the Online Playoffs we were informed that Crit would be leaving the lineup and because of this and the stability of the lineup being questioned, the move to said organisation fell through at the last hurdle which unfortunately set us back as our operations where CS was concerned had to be put on hold until the roster was released.

Our players then contacted us to solidify a new deal with XENEX due to their new deal falling through. Once again we agreed on a deal and provided what was asked, but this time without providing contracts due to questioning the loyalty of certain members and the stability of the team.

The ESEA Main season started and after picking up a stand in for the duration of the season, we were later informed (24/05/21) that Haiqu had made the decision to part ways with the lineup. With the timing of the recent roster issues we scheduled a meeting with 3 of the 4 remaining players. The meeting went smoothly and all parties agreed that they would like to carry on playing with one another for the duration of the ESEA Main Season.

On the next day, 25/05/21, we were contacted by one of the players informing us that the lineup will now officially be going their separate ways and dissolving, (players will be looking for teams as individuals) however the players did wish to finish their ESEA Main season under the XENEX banner.

XENEX however, have made the decision to part ways with what is now a mix, as we strive for consistency, stability and a desire to succeed in the project that we are actively investing in.

We are hugely appreciative of what the players brought to the organisation in their short stint and also the levels of which they represented the brand in-game.

What is next for XENEX?

We shall be looking for a stable roster to represent us for the remainder of the ESEA Season and potentially ESL UK Premiership. This being said we are also open to international lineups so please do not hesitate to contact us on the following email: